Decals may be small, but their impact on advertising your message can be big. PROSIGN STUDIO makes a variety of indoor decals and outdoor decals in just about any size or shape. Outdoor decals can be placed on cars, equipment, trailers, helmets and sports equipment. Laminated with heavy UV resistant laminate outdoor decals can last for years withstanding the elements. The use for indoor decals are nearly limitless. How about wrapping water bottles for your next promotion? Our inks are waterproof and will hold up well in a cooler full of ice and water without washing off even without lamination. Or how about using decals to advertise on pizza boxes or take out boxes for restaurants advertising new products or specials? We’ve even made decals that look like dog paws for a local veterinary office to use as a path for patients to follow.



Posters are less costly than banners, but still can be made just as big with the same message or design. We have several different weights of poster paper that we can print on and some that can be even used temporarily outdoors under the right conditions. Our sign shop makes posters in quantities as low as 1 or as many as 1,000+.Vehicle wraps, or “car wraps” are emerging as one of the most effective ways to get your company recognized. The ability to wrap your car, pickup, van or commercial truck in brilliant full color graphics quickly builds recognition and demands attention. Most car wraps can last 3-5 years with proper care. This longevity ensures maximum value for your marketing dollars with millions of customer impressions over it’s lifetime.