Banners are an excellent, inexpensive way to advertise just about anything. Because they are made of high strength vinyls they have the ability to withstand outdoor conditions like sun, wind and rain. The inks we use on our banners are rated up to 3 years durability outdoors, and some we’ve made have lasted longer than that based on usage and exposure. A variety of weights are available from 10oz up to 20 oz material, typically lighter weights are used as temporary signs or indoor purposes, while heavier banner will last longer and hold up to wind and the elements much better.

Trade Show Displays

In addition to regular flat banners, PROSIGN STUDIO offers a variety of banner stands and displays that are easy to set up and take down. Retractable banner stands, pop up banner stands, collapsible banner stands, and trade show displays are all made with various types of banner materials. Sizes range from desktop displays to full walls and mural sized backdrops.

We make banners for just about any occasion; graduation banners, birthday banners, anniversary banners, construction banner, wedding banners, golf outing banners, sports and team banners and just about any other occasion you can think of.