Make your car, pickup, van or commercial truck a mobile billboard that advertises your message to thousands of potential customers every day. PROSIGN STUDIO is a sign shop that offers a variety of solutions from temporary vehicle signs like magnets to high performance lettering that can last for years. We can design a sign for your vehicle that will not only look professional, but help you get noticed.


Traditional vehicle lettering has been done for nearly a century using paint and brush. Within the last 20 years it has evolved to high performance vinyls that can last nearly a decade and can be created quickly with machine cut precision. As an opportunity to display your company logo, vehicle lettering acts as a business sign for commercial fleets across the country. Let PROSIGN STUDIO design a sign for your car or truck that gets your message out to your customers.


Many of our customers have vehicles that are used for both personal and business use. Or, they have a leased vehicle that doesn’t allow more permanent signage. Magnetic signs allow you to easily change from business to personal use in just a few seconds. We only use magnet material that is specifically made for vehicles and as such is heavier, more durable and safer than cheaper alternatives. Options include a simple cut lettering or full color printing.


Perforated window film opens a new world of promotional opportunities by turning the glass on your vehicle into a prime advertising space. Window Perf is designed to be applied to the exterior of your windows with full color printing of your message. At PROSIGN STUDIO we use Window Perf with our wraps to allow the design to continue over the entire surface while still allowing use of the window from inside the vehicle. Also, Window Perf can be used as a standalone advertisement for those wanting their business sign or message on just the back or side glass of the vehicle.