Prosign Studio offers wall murals, large format digital prints, and building wraps & window wraps which are a great way to turn any plain wall or window into a vibrant billboard graphic… anywhere! Wall murals can be seen at storefronts, malls, shopping centers on pillars and in a multitude of other locations both outdoors and indoors. They are a fantastic advertising tool which attracts visibility and attention anywhere in the Columbus Ohio area. Our state of the art printers are able to print on a variety of materials that will adhere to just about any surface using UV inks and laminate – even brick or stucco! Wall murals serve as an excellent means of advertising or promoting existing or new products, signs, media and just about anything you want people to see or know about!


building wraps

Some places that use wall murals and graphics for outdoor advertising:

• Sports Facilities & Universities
• Corporate Offices
• Retail Environments
• Storefronts
• Events and Tradeshows (removable murals and decals for drywall)


• Malls
• Airports
• Outdoor Advertising Places (building wraps and decals on brick, stucco, and concrete)
• Historic Buildings
• Vacant Street Windows